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Combine financial management with marketing management
培育俱行銷管理 & 財務管理之全方位人才
Marketing & Financial Management

Our institute nutures management talents with the professional data analytics skills, who will be able to use new technologies to process, analyze, interpret and transform data into valuable insights.

Our course structure has two main teaching focuses—marketing and finances, supplemented by the courses related analytics tools. With the deployment of marketing and finance courses, as well as data analytics tools, students are able to develop their data analysis skills particularly in the marketing and finance domains throughout their academic years. Our institute also offers the opportunities for students to gain work-based learning experience via internship program but it is up to our students to reflect on their own development needs and to engage with the opportunities that are appropriate for them. Every graduate is unique and will have their own experiences, approach and voice, but through their degree and the opportunities at our institute, graduates will be:
1. subject specialists, with in‐depth knowledge, understanding, research and other skills associated with the discipline of marketing and/or finance.
2. cross-disciplinary knowledge, able to effectively navigate complex business situations from different perspectives.
3. digitally literate
4. able to link the discipline to local, national and global issues to seek sustainable solutions.