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2021 11 22
Corporatevisit of Technology Marketing course
#postgraduatestudies #corporatevisit #technologymarketing

Technology Marketing course has visited "Zhanlu Coffee" to understand how companies use technology to create new service models.
One of the service models is CoffeeDancer which shows us how we can use smartphones to set different brew modes. The aroma of the coffee is richer just as like a real person brewing it.

In addition to a front-end technical service tour, students also learn about the behind-the-scenes process of developing innovative services for your business. The store nearby NTU has a CoffeeDancer, so any of you can find time to visit too 😍

Through the visit, we can connect what we have learned in the classroom with the actual business, this way, we can apply what we have learned more in the future 😎😎