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2022 1 6
Enterprise visit: Taipei Music Center
#postgraduatestudies #Enterprisevisit #Consumerbehavior

In the Consumer Behavior class, students came to the Taipei Music Center to visit the “MUSIC, ISLAND, STORIES: POP MUSIC IN TAIWAN" exhibition.

Students can experience the entire exhibition from a consumer perspective.
This exhibition combines smart technology to create an "immersive" and "personalized" experience:

📌Inductive audio guide device: When moving to different areas, different music will be played automatically, doubling the auditory and visual enjoyment.

📌RFID wristbands: Everyone wears a wristband with a unique serial number. Exhibit information can be obtained by simply approaching the sensing area of each exhibit.

With this off-campus visit, students can get out of the classroom and learn how companies are using existing technology to create a more detailed and personalized service experience.