Admission Requirements

Enrollment Semesters

For Fall/Spring Semester


Main Campus

Admission Evaluation

  •  Document Review
  •  Interview: In-person/Video-conferencing Interview
  • Weighted Score:
    Document Review: 50%
     Interview: 50%

Required Documents

  1. An academic transcript of records from a bachelor’s or equivalent degree
  2. A recommendation letter
  3. A study plan in Chinese or English
  4.  Any documents that might be supportive

Language Proficiency

  • Chinese Language Proficiency:
    Chinese language proficiency is not a necessary requirement. However, it is considered a significant bonus for application evaluation.
  •  English Language Proficiency:
    English proficiency tests at CEFR Levels B1 (or above)
    Applicants from an English-speaking country ,or whose previous degree was award from a Enlgish -taught program, are exempted from having to provide proof of their English language abilities.


  1.  Admitted students, if not having enrolled on the specified dates, can apply to retain their admission status and postpone their studies to the next academic year.
  2.  The local students admitted by the master’s program screening test and the master’s program examination are registered as general group students; international students apply for admission and students who come to the school to study for the dual education system are registered as GPE group students; overseas Chinese students and students from Mainland China may choose to register as either general or GPE group students.

Contact Info.

Ms. Hsu / +886-2-7749-3296 /

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